Natural Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder $45
Color Dipping with Manicure $50
Pink & White Dipping $50
Ombre Dipping $55

Add Cuticle Trimming $5 | Add Specialty Nail Shapes such as Coffin, Almond, or Stiletto.. $5

Add Extension/Tips $7 +
Add Special Shapes $5 +


Solar / Acrylic Full Set / Refill $40 / $35
Solar / Acrylic Full Set / Refill with Gel $50 / $40
White / Pearl Tips Full Set $45
Color Powder Full Set/Refill $50 / $40
Solar Pink & White Full Set / Refill $55 / $50
Ombre Full Set / Refill $55 / $50
Hard Gel/ Gel Builder Set/ Refill $55 / $45

Add On Services

American/French Tips $5
Almond/Coffin/Stiletto Shape $5
3 or More Colors $5
Cat Eye / Chrome $5 & up
Add Gel / French Gel $12 / $20
Add Ombre Gel $25
Gel Polish Change Hand/Feet $20
Soak off Gel, Dip, Acrylic with w/o service $5 / $10
Regular Polish Change Hands/ Feet $10 / $15
Extra Length $5 & up
Nail Designs $5 & up
Nail Repair $3 & up
Soak off Dip/ Acrylic with service $10
Soak off Dip/ Acrylic without service $15

Natural Manicures

***Single use disposable File and Buffer
***Add on: Gel Polish $15 | French Gel $20 | Ombre Gel $25 | Paraffin/Collagen Gloves $10

Classic Manicure $20
Signature Springs Manicure $30
Shellac / Gel Manicure $35
Natural Herbal Manicure $45
Shellac/ Gel Manicure with soak off gel $40

Kid's Services

(For children 10 and younger)

Regular Polish Change $8
Manicure / Pedicure $15 / $23
Combo Mani / Pedi $35
Combo Mani / Pedi with Gel $58

*** Free simple designs/stickers for 2 nails with manicure or pedicure service

Gel Polish Change $15


***Single-use disposable Liner, File, Buffer and Pumice Stone ***Add on: Callus Removal $7 | Paraffin/Collagen Socks $10 | Gel $15

Classic Pedicure $32

Relieve your tension by relaxing in a massage chair while your feet are given a warm bath and relaxing treatment, which includes trimming and shaping toenails, cleaning cuticles, removing dry skin by sugar scrub, hot towel wrap, lotion massage with warm oil, and polish.

Add on: Gel polish $15 Paraffin/ Collagen Sock $10, Callus Removal $5

Signature Spa Pedicure $46

Melt your stress away with this special pedicure which will leave your feet feeling not only relaxed but also silky, smooth and beautifully moisturized. All that the Classic Pedicure includes plus smoothen your heels with callus removal. Followed with organic lotion, hot stone massage with warm oil and Aromatherapy mask with hot towel wrap.

Add on: Gel Polish $15 | Paraffin/Collagen Socks $8

Collagen Spa Pedicure $60

Start with a soak with collagen bubble crystals formulated to relieve stress, detoxifies and soothe skin with a fun, fizzy feeling. Organic sugars scrub and oils boost the vibrancy of skin helping tone and renew texture, while collagen leaves your skin younger looking and feeling smooth. Wrapping your feet with collagen cream masks and warm towels help to maintain skin's youthful beauty while collagen muscle-relaxing gel helps to refresh and relax muscles. To finish your indulgence, another massage is included with collagen lotion and hot stones. This service includes herbal neck wrap to soothe sore muscles, relieve tension and stress.

Add on: Gel Polish $15 Collagen Socks $8

Springs Organic Bubble Pedicure $65

Pamper your tired feet with the ultimate spa experience. Detox crystal and a volcano activator combine to create a fun, bubbling explosion. This luxury pedicure also includes an exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen mask with a hot towel and creamy massage lotion made with organic-based ingredients with hot stone. This raw sugar and essential oil help renew the texture of the skin and enhance vibrancy, leaving skin soft and smooth. The Collagen cream mask is formulated to draw out any remaining impurities while rejuvenating the skin's appearance. Paraffin wax is the final touch of this luxurious experience. This pedicure also includes the herbal neck wrap that will help soothe sore muscles, relieve tension and stress.

Add on: Gel Polish $15

The Ultimate Pedicure $80

You've never experienced a pedicure like this before! This service includes everything in the Springs Organic Bubble Pedicure plus an extended massage with warm smooth rocks that gently loosen muscles. This luxury sugar, essential oil, and Collagen cream mask is formulated to draw out any remaining impurities while rejuvenating the skin's appearance. Hot Stone Massage with organic lotion helps to heal, regenerate and condition skin, leaving it beautiful and hydrated. Let us finish your treatment with warm paraffin wax AND collagen socks leaving the best moisture and soothing for your feet. This service also includes an Aromatherapy Warm Shoulder Wrap to help soothe sore muscles, relieve tension and stress.

Choices of Aroma: Tropical Citrus, Orange No.5, Honey Pearl, Green Tea and Aloe Vera and Lavender

Add on: Gel Polish $15

The Special Ultimate Pedicure with CBD Oil $90

Let your mind wander to a land of dreamy relaxation during this pedicure. Enjoy a luxurious custom treatment created from raw sugar scrub, natural herbs, and essential oils. Includes feet soak, herbal exfoliation, soothing mask, nails and cuticle care, callus removal, hot stone and aromatherapy massage, paraffin wax and collagen socks treatment, hot towel, and herbal neck wrap. In addition, CBD can provide many benefits that you will love. It has stress-reducing, pain-relieving, moisturizing properties, it can also assist in reducing inflammation, promoting healing, and rejuvenating skin.

Add on: Gel Polish $15

Waxing Services

Eyebrows $12
Lips $8
Chin $10 & up
Sideburns $15
Full Face with Eyebrows $35
Under Arms $20 & up
Half Arms $25 & up
Full Arms $35 & up
Half Legs $30 & up
Full Legs $50 & up
Chest $30 & up
Stomach $25 & up
Back $40 & up
Bikini Line $30 & up
Eyelash Extensions